Thursday, February 5, 2004

Local Doctor, Former PL Employee Endorse DA [Eureka Reporter]

Local Doctor, Former PL Employee Endorse DA [Eureka Reporter]

by Leann Whitten, The Eureka Reporter

February 5, 2004

Chompers Cook, a fifth-generation Humboldt County resident and former Pacific Lumber Co. employee, and Dr. Anthony Boyce of the Eureka Community Health Center will both be featured in television ads against the recall starting Thursday.

Cook said the contention that Gallegos is soft on crime couldn't be more wrong.

“He's going after drug dealers, child abusers and murderers, as well as crooked businessmen, corrupt politicians and corporations because he promised equal treatment under the law, Cook said in the commercial.

“Plea bargains have been a fact of the judicial system for a long time, Cook said of recent speculation that Gallegos uses plea bargains unfairly. “If it wasn't for (plea bargains) then there would no convictions and people would be walking.

At Thursday's news conference, Cook said the former CDF director Richard Wilson's declaration (See article on Wilson's declaration) announcement on Wednesday “pretty much says it all.

“Paul was right, Cook said.

Cook worked at PALCO pre-Hurwitz, resigning in 1983. He said at that time PL logged on a sustainable basis and never cut more than it could grow.

“People were proud to work for PL before Maxxam, he said. “I didn't like the way employees were being treated and I quit.

Cook said he maintains friendships with his former co-workers, but does expect some “ribbing after the commercial airs.

He said he believes current PALCO employees are intimidated to go against the grain.

“If I did (have a pension) I sure as hell don't now.

Cook said he believes the recall “is just plain wrong and Maxaam has pushed the recall forward.

“So they don't have to face a judge and jury, he said.

In a separate commercial also to begin airing Thursday, Boyce urges viewers to vote against the recall as well.

Boyce also said the contention that Gallegos is soft on crime is false.

“He's tough on the violence I deal with in my practice, Boyce said.

Boyce said many district attorneys don't aggressively prosecute domestic violence and abuse‚ which Boyce deals with a lot because they don't feel it's a real crime.

“I haven't had any cause for concern with the ways he's handling cases, Boyce said.

He said many of his patients are reassured by the way the District Attorney's Office is handling its cases.

“They'll tell me, “(The abuser) is not going to touch me anymore, Boyce said.

Friends of Paul Gallegos Campaign Manager Richard Salzman said there will be more commercials before the election including two more testimonials soon.